PFA was founded in 1958 and has hundreds of Certified Pedorthists practicing members in Canada, United States, and around the world.

Pedorthics Canada

PFA Footcare Association (Canadian Chapter) is a self-regulatory body which verifies, upholds, monitors and supports the competent and ethical practice of its Certified Pedorthist members. The association is inclusive and open for membership to all qualifying Certified Pedorthists currently practicing in Canada.

PFA (Pedorthics Canada) serves the pedorthic community and provides the largest offering of continuing educational opportunities to its members. Find out how to become a PFA Member…

This self-regulated pedorthic association in Canada confirms the educational background and the validity of each member’s designation to ensure they meet the requirements of PFA Canada. (Requirements) Members are held accountable to: their respective credentialing body, standards of practice, code of ethics, professional discipline committee, continuing educational requirements as well as the code of conduct/professional responsibility governing this association.

To receive their designation, through their respective credentialing body, certified pedorthists undergo in-depth anatomy education, biomechanical gait & technical training, clinic internship and have passed their Pedorthic certification exam. A certified pedorthist is an individual who is trained in the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle and lower extremities, requiring assessing, fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of pedorthic devices including custom made orthotics and orthopedic footwear.

The industry/field (Pedorthics Canada) is not government regulated across Canada. Individuals, insurance companies and medical professionals rely on associations like this to ensure professionals serving the industry possess the credentials and continuing education training required to meet the needs of their patients. This industry is similar to fields such as Podiatry and Massage Therapy which are also not government regulated in all Canadian Provinces.

Every health care profession in Canada is made up of professionals trained in both Canada and internationally. Pedorthics is no different, PFA Canada ensures our certified pedorthists meet Canadian Standards.