Code of Conduct/Ethics and Professional Responsibility

PFA Footcare Association (Canadian Chapter)


The pedorthic profession exists for the primary purpose of assisting patients with maintaining functional lives. Certified Pedorthists assume specific responsibilities to physicians and other appropriately licensed healthcare prescribers, patients, the public, colleagues as well as to the profession itself. Members of the profession are responsible for maintaining and promoting ethical practice including, without limitation, reporting unethical practices. This code shall be binding upon all Certified Pedorthists who maintain membership with this association. Certified Pedorthists are obligated to report knowledge of code violations within 30 days. Certified Pedorthists who fail to conform to this code will be subject to disciplinary action. All certified members of PFA Footcare Association (Canadian Chapter) shall:

1. Receive a prescription from a medical doctor, podiatrist or chiropodist before providing any custom made pedorthic devices to a patient.
2. All decisions by a certified pedorthist must be made with the understanding that the patient’s best interests are the primary concern.
3. Members must not suggest, or imply patients receive products where misuse and abuse of a patients insurance benefit policy is evident. (For example: not all patients require compression stockings)
4. A patient’s personal information shall remain confidential and may not be communicated to any person or entity other than with the referring professional. All other communications related to the exchange of personal information must have prior written consent from the patient.
5. Provide receipts clearly indicating products and services received. Providing a receipt for orthotics and orthopedic footwear as one single item is prohibited.
6. Members are not permitted to offer free shoes/merchandise, or offer a discounted rate on these products as a benefit for patients purchasing custom made orthotics or compression stockings.
7. Use sound judgment in regard to safety of self and others, and adhere to safety procedures throughout the delivery of pedorthic services.
8. Not receive, transfer or assign funds with regards to the referral of a patient.
9. A certified pedorthist shall not delegate a task requiring a unique skill, knowledge or judgement to an unqualified person.
10. Advertising must not contain false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or unfair claims.
11. Provide ethical, patient-centered care by operating within your certification requirements and Code of Professional Responsibilities.
12. Practice with awareness of humanity/dignity and not decline a patient based on race, color, gender, sexual preference, religion or national origin.
13. Not have consensual or non-consensual sexual relations with current or former patients. These relations are prohibited unless: the relationship existed prior to the provision of service, the patient has not received service from the provider for one year, service has not been provided within one year after the termination of the sexual relationship.
14. Conduct themselves in a manner that will assure the dignity of the profession. Unacceptable behavior includes, but not limited to, misusing of credentials, slander, falsifying documents, or misrepresenting ones capacity as a service provider.
15. Not use illegal drugs and/or any legally controlled substances resulting in the impairment of his/her professional judgement and/or ability to provide service.
16. Not solicit the patronage of patients by way of intimidation, threats, harassing conduct, duress, coercion, remuneration or unwarranted promises of benefits.
17. Maintain the security and prevent the disclosure of credentialing exams and their content.
18. Adhere to the rules, regulations, standards of practice and code of conduct as required for the Certified Pedorthist to maintain their credential.
19. Have $1,000,000 of Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions insurance coverage.